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The Science behind the GlacierBall


Its quite simple and far from rocket science, the larger the piece of ice, the slower it will melt and the more you will enjoy that full flavor of your drink until the last sip. The sphere also helps in slowing down the melting of the ice and it looks great in any glass or pitcher.

No matter what you are using the GlacierBall for, it will make a great gift for anyone who drinks liquids! If you are using the GlacierBall in pitcher there are several things you can do to create a work of art in a pitcher. These ideas are perfect for BBQ’s, parties, social gatherings, girls night, and so many more.

Add diced fruits to the mold like; strawberries, kiwi, peaches, or basically any fruit you want. Add fresh mint to the mold and enjoy a refreshing mojito. You can make Ice tea balls, lemonade balls, koolaid balls! The possibilities are endless and your children will love them.