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The glacier ball is an innovative product that makes every drink more enjoyable until the last drop. Its as simple as fill, freeze, and use! Follow the easy steps bellow and enjoy the most out of your new GlacierBall.
Step 1

Its very important that the GlacierBall is completely dry specially in the seems. Any water left here will freeze and expand resulting in a not so perfect sphere. When filling the GlacierBall make sure fill it just under the top to ensure some room for the water to expand as it freezes. If you do not want a smooth sphere and want it to sit on a flat surface, simply fill the mold three quarters of the way and finally press down on the mold to release any excess water and to ensure a perfect orb while freezing.

Step 2

The freezing process is simple but a few things to keep in mind are; if the freezer is too cold then it will make the sphere crack when liquid is poured over it. To prevent this, place ball on freezer door and/or away from the cold air vent in the freezer. Once the GlacierBall is frozen, let it sit for 10 minutes at room temperature to allow the temperature in the ball to settle and come

Step 3

Getting the GlacierBall out of the mold is as easy as apple pie. Simply remove the top of the mold, turn upside down, loosen the bottom piece, and with your fingers press down on the mold and watch it come right out. (make sure you do this over a bowl or something that will capture the sphere as it comes loose)

P.S We recommend using high quality H2O to enhance the experience, specially when enjoying any and all fine spirits.